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Quantrax-Computherm logo

Our company is the exclusive distributor of the COMPUTHERM products in Europe.
Since the beginning of our cooperation with the manufacturers we are actively taking part in the improvement of the COMPUTHERM thermostats and gas leak detectors. As the result of our long-standing cooperation the COMPUTHERM thermostats and gas leak detectors have become market leading products.

All our products are reliable and up to date,  they satisfy customer needs and they comply with the European standards and safety regulations.

We can say that with our COMPUTHERM products we have significantly contributed to the fact that the use of modern, energy saving and comfortable heating systems became general in Hungary.

Market leader

Due to the long cooperation with our partners the COMPUTHERM products became market leaders in the digital thermostat’s market.

Standardized, safety

Our products satisfy even the highest demands with their service and reliability, comply with the EU standards and safety regulations.

Energy efficient, comfortable

We can state that our COMPUTHERM products has significantly supported the usage of modern, energy efficient and comfortable conrolling of the heating systems in Hungary.