GSM-Controlled Socket


The COMPUTHERM GSM158 power socket is an intelligent appliance that is connected to the mains voltage. Controlled by making a phone call or sending an SMS from a mobile phone the mains voltage appears or disappears on its output plug.
All the settings and functions of the socket can be changed and used by SMS commands. There are two user levels. The basic- and the security settings can only be changed from the master user’s phone number (master number). The other services can also be used by four other phone numbers (family numbers) that are given by the master number. The socket informs the user about the made changes/swit ches. By using the GSM158 power socket, devices that are connected to the mains voltage become remotely controllable by mobile phone. The socket is perfectly suitable to
automatically control an electric appliance (for example an irrigator pump) in your home or weekend house by the adjustable delayed/timed turn on/off function. It is possible to control the socket remotely by phone call when the delayed/timed switch function is also working.
The GSM158 is also perfectly suitable to control your heating/cooling equipments in your home or weekend house remotely. By connecting the thermometer to the socket, it can be used to hold the temperature of the room/building inside a preset interval, thus it can be used to avoid frost in your home or weekend house during winter. Further, using the turn on/off commands from a mobile phone, the socket gives opportunity to start the heating remotely (for example, by using the socket in a weekend house in winter, the heating can be started before arrival, making your stay more comfortable).
The GSM158 can be used with a SIM card of any GSM provider before the SIM card’s expiration-date.

  • Supply voltage: 220-250V/50Hz
  • Maximum loadability: 230V/50Hz; 15A
  • Standby power consumption: 0,15W
  • GSM frequency bands: DCS1800, PCS1900, GSM 850, EGSM900