Capillary Tube/Boiler Thermostat with Immersion Sleeve


By means of a pipe sleeve immersed into the pipeline/boiler, the probe located at the end of the capillary tube of the thermostat directly detects the temperature of the material stagnating or flowing in the pipe/boiler and, in response to a temperature change, it provides a potential-free electrical closing/opening contact at the adjusted temperature.
We primarily recommend using it to control pumps for underfloor heating and hot water circulation.

  • Adjustable temperature range: 0 to 90°C
  • Switching sensitivity: ±2.5°C
  • Switchable voltage: max. 250V AC, 50Hz
  • Loadability: 16A (4A inductive load)
  • Connection dimensions of the sleeve pipe: G=1/2”; Ø 8 x 80mm
  • Length of the capillary tube: 1m
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