Gas convector controller

The COMPUTHERM KonvekPRO gas convector controller is suitable to regulate the overwhelming majority of gas convectors. It can easily be connected to any gas convector, that regulates itself using the probe of its thermostat (a copper cartridge containing expansive liquid, connected to the thermostat using a capillary tube).
With the help of a COMPUTHERM KonvekPRO controller it is easy to implement the automatic, programmable heating of a room equipped with a gas convector. The product also provides an opportunity for controlling the convector from anywhere using a Wi-Fi thermostat.

Technical data:

  • Voltage of DC adapter: DC 12 V, 500 mA
  • DC adapter connector: 2.1 x 5.5 mm
  • Power consumption: max. 3 W (operative 1.5 W)
  • Diameter of attachable thermostat probe (tube thermostat): 6-12 mm

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Should I call a gas fitter for the installation?

You do not have to because the installation is very easy. Since the part of the heater where the gas is burnt does not need any intervention you do not have to obtain any permit or arrange for any supervision.

What types of gas heaters can KonvekPRO be operated with?

Practically with all. KonvekPRO can be operated with gas heaters that use pipe thermostat to measure temperature.

Is 230 V is needed for the operation of KonvekPRO?

Yes, it is needed. KonvekPRO is operated on a 12 V supply voltage provided by a 230/12 V power supply unit you received with KonvekPRO. If the plug at the end of the power supply unit comes off when the unit is being connected then it should be replaced so that the “+” sign should be beside lettering “TIP”.

When you are using a wireless thermostat (e.g. Computherm Q7RF) then power (230V) should be supplied also to the transmitter unit of the thermostat.

What types of thermostats can KonvekPRO be operated with?

It can be operated with all types of thermostats that switch short circuit. Please read the instructions for use of your thermostat or ask the salesman.

Can several gas heaters be controlled by a single thermostat?

Yes, it can. In this case a KonvekPRO is required for each gas heater and the KonvekPROs having been installed should be connected to the thermostat or to the transmitter when a wireless thermostat is being used. The thermostat will control all gas heaters in the same way.

Will two wireless thermostats used in the same flat not disturb each other’s operation?

No. Each thermostat and accompanying receiving unit(s) has its own security code which ensures reliable and trouble-free operation of the appliances. Each receiving unit receives signals only from the thermostat that has the same security code. As a result, practically unlimited number of appliances can be used in the immediate vicinity of each other without causing any problem in the communication between the devices.

What is the response time of a gas heater controlled by KonvekPRO?

Approx. 3 to 5 minutes when the temperature control knob of the gas heater is set to 6 or 7.

Should a cable be installed between KonvekPRO and the thermostat?

In case of wired thermostats the thermostat and KonvekPRO are connected by a thin twin-core cable (the cable of required length shall be provided by you).  In case of wireless thermostats the receiver of the thermostat should be connected to KonvekPRO. In the latter case KonvekPRO and the receiver of the thermostat can be installed at the same place therefore the length of the cable required is just approx. 20 cm.

How much electricity does konvepro consume?

It consumes very little, roughly 1.5W, which corresponds to approx. HUF 2 per day.

What i need to do at the end of the heating season?

KonvekPRO should be de-energized, i.e. the plug of power supply unit should be pulled out of the socket.

What kind of maintenance is required for KonvekPRO?

None. Before the heating season any dust which may have accumulated at the pipe thermostat can be removed by a vacuum cleaner.

Where can you buy it?

Search this product at our reseller partners. The list of our reseller partner is available at the following link: Partners.

Where you can find the Instruction Manual of the appliance?

  Installing and operating instructions for the E400RF thermostat are available at the following website: User Manual 

How does this product continue to function after a power outage?

The device will resume normal operation after a power outage.