Procedure and Conditions of Warranty

If you have a problem with a COMPUTHERM product purchased in Hungary, you have the right to request a warranty inspection, and in the event of a proven defect, its repair or replacement.

There are two ways to do this. You take/send the purchased device back to the (physical or online) store where you bought it, or you send it directly back to the office of the manufacturer in Szeged at your own cost:

  • Company name: Quantrax Ltd.
  • Address: 34 Fülemüle u,, Szeged H-6726
  • Phone number: +36 62 424 133
  • E-mail address:

Warranty inspections may only be carried out at the manufacturer's premises by its staff.

IMPORTANT! The most important conditions of the warranty procedure:

  • The warranty is only valid if:
    • the warranty card for the product, which was duly completed when the product was purchased
    • the bill proving the date of purchase or commissioning of the product, or a copy thereof
  • In addition to the above, for simpler and faster administration, please:
    • send a short description of the detected error / problem
    • provide the consumer's telephone number so that we can request further information about the possible error / problem, and after the inspection we can inform the consumer about the result of the inspection and the return process

Warranty period for the different COMPUTHERM products:

COMPUTHERM T series room thermostats

5 years

COMPUTHERM Q series room thermostats

2 years

COMPUTHERM B series Wi-Fi thermostats

2 years

COMPUTHERM E series Wi-Fi thermostats

2 years

COMPUTHERM WPR-100 series pump controllers

2 years

COMPUTHERM MP sewage lifting units

1 year

Other COMPUTHERM products

1 year




Fulfilling the warranty obligation is the responsibility of the company that concludes the contract with the consumer (the company that sells the product to the consumer).

The warranty period begins on the day the consumer product is handed over to the consumer, or on the day when the company or its representative performs the commissioning.

The failure is not covered by the warranty if its cause occurred after the product was handed over to the consumer, so for example, if the failure was caused by:

  • unprofessional commissioning (unless the commissioning was carried out by the company or its agent, or if the unprofessional commissioning can be traced back to an error in the user manual)
  • improper use, disregarding the instructions for use and management,
  • improper storage, improper handling, damage,
  • elemental damage, natural disaster.

The serial number of the device must match the number on the warranty card.

The consumer has the following options: to have the goods repaired or replaced, to ask for a price reduction or to repair the defect himself, or to withdraw from the contract. The customer should firstly request to repair the product, or replace it if repair is not a viable option (e.g. too expensive). 

The consumer can switch from the chosen right to another. He is obliged to pay the costs caused by this switch to the company, unless the company gave a reason for the switch, or the switch was otherwise justified.
If the consumer asserts a replacement request within three working days of the purchase (commissioning) due to a malfunction of the product, the company cannot claim disproportionate additional costs, and is obliged to replace the product, provided that the malfunction prevents the intended use.

The repair or replacement must be carried out within an appropriate time frame, taking into account the characteristics of the product and the purpose expected by the consumer, while protecting the interests of the consumer. The company must endeavour to carry out the repair or replacement within fifteen days at most. During the repair, only new parts may be installed in the product.

The part of the repair time during which the consumer cannot use the product as intended is not included in the warranty period. In the case of replacement (repair) of the product or part of the product, the warranty period starts again for the replaced (repaired) product (product part) and for the defect that occurs as a result of the repair.

The warranty does not affect the enforcement of the consumer's legal rights, especially those related to product warranties and compensation. In the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer can also initiate the procedure of the conciliation board operating alongside the county (capital) chambers of commerce and industry.

The warranty claim can be asserted with the warranty card. In the event that a warranty card is not provided to the consumer, the conclusion of the contract shall be considered proven if the consumer presents the receipt proving the payment of the product’s price – with an invoice or receipt issued on the basis of the General Sales Tax Act. In this case, the rights arising from the warranty can be asserted with the receipt confirming the payment of the product’s price.

The consumer can assert his warranty claim at the company with which he concluded the contract.

In order to speed up and simplify administration, the consumer can return the product deemed to be defective at his own expense to the manufacturer's headquarters in Szeged for inspection.

  • Company name: Quantrax Ltd.
  • Address: 34 Fülemüle u,, Szeged H-6726
  • Phone number: +36 62 424 133
  • E-mail address:

19/2014 on the procedural rules for managing warranty and guarantee claims for things sold under the contract between the consumer and the company, when the company reports a quality complaint. (IV. 29.) According to § 4 of the NGM decree, he is obliged - with the content specified therein - to record a report and make a copy of it available to the consumer immediately and in a verifiable manner.