Electro-thermal actuator

The valve actuator is 2-point controlled and is electro-thermally operated. It opens/closes the valve in response to 230V voltage. The open or closed position of the valve is indicated by the axial displacement/position of the grey pin located on the front panel of the actuator. The simple electro-thermal construction ensures reliable operation and low energy consumption. With factory default setting and in its non-voltage state the actuator keeps the valve closed, while it opens the valve when voltage is applied. In closed position the pin sinks into the front panel, in opened position the pin raises some millimeters above the front panel.

  • Supply voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Current consumption: ~50 mA
  • Power consumption: 2 W
  • Dimensions of the flare nut: M 30x1.5 mm
  • Opening/closing period: approx. 4 minutes (25 °C)
  • Opening force: 120 N
  • In non-voltage state the valve is: closed
  • Electric shock protection class: IP 41
  • Length of connecting cable: 1 m
  • Opening/closing period: approx. 4 minutes (25 °C)
  • Insulation class: double insulation
  • Maximum stroke: ~4 mm
  • Electric shock protection class: IP41

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