radiator valve / zone valve; 2- and 3-way valve


name size type Kvs
2-way valve 3/4″ DN20-2 3,5
1” DN25-2 5
3-way valve 3/4” DN20-3 3,5
1” DN25-3 5


We recommend using the valves to regulate heat emission from radiators or to sectionalize heating zones. Its connection dimensions are adapted to commonly used equipments, i.e. it can be easily connected to radiators, manifolds or directly to the pipe network. The valve can be regulated by a manual control button, a thermostat head or an electro-thermal actuator. 

The connection size of the valve controller (thermostat head, actuator) is: M30x1.5 mm.

Computherm - Fűtési szerelvények - COMPUTHERM DN15; DN20; DN25 - Quantrax Kft.

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