Electric heating cable

The COMPUTHERM HC20 electric heating cable is suitable for both main and additional heating. In the case of direct heating, the product can be installed in the tile adhesive or screed layer, but it can also be installed in a concrete layer, which can be used to heat storage heatings. It can be installed both when renovating old covering and laying new covering. The heating cables are made in different sizes: 10 m, 20 m, and 50 m, which, with the help of their size characteristics, ensure the coverage of rooms with different properties. A thermostat suitable for controlling electric heating cables is required to control the heating cable. It can be installed as a direct underfloor heating or in the form of underfloor heating with heat storage.

Technical data:

  HC20-10 HC20-20 HC20-50
Supply voltage 230 V AC 230 V AC 230 V AC
Supply current 0.87 A 1.74 A 4.35 A
Power consumption 200 W 400 W 1000 W
Electrical resistance 264.5 Ohm 132.25 Ohm 52.9 Ohm
Length 10 m 20 m 50 m
Maximum heating
82 °C 82 °C 82 °C
Protection against
environmental impacts
IP67 IP67 IP67

*The maximum heating temperature is the surface temperature of the product under normal conditions and constantly turned on status.

Computherm - Electric heating cable - COMPUTHERM HC20 - Quantrax Kft.
Computherm - Electric heating cable - COMPUTHERM HC20 - Quantrax Kft.