Electric heating mat

The COMPUTHERM HM150 type electric heating mat is suitable for both main and supplementary heating. With its help, you can cost-effectively and quickly install an electric floor heating system in the room you want to heat, with which you can increase your comfort and keep an even temperature. It is the perfect choice for both renovating an old heating system or building a new one. The fiberglass net fixes the position of the heating cable and help the easy and quick installation. You can control it with a thermostat suitable for controlling electric heating mats, which you can use to take another step in the smart heating of your home. The heating mats are available in different sizes, thanks to which you will definitely find the right one and a suitable package for the room. The heating mats can be connected in parallel, if required.

Technical data:

  HM150-1 HM150-2.5 HM150-5 HM150-10
Supply voltage 230 V AC 230 V AC 230 V AC 230 V AC
Supply current 0.65 A 1.63 A 3.26 A 6.52 A


150 W 375 W 750 W 1500 W
Electrical resistance 352.67 Ohm 141.07 Ohm 70.53 Ohm 35.27 Ohm
Length 2 m 5 m 10 m 20 m
Width 0.5 m 0.5 m 0.5 m 0.5 m
Heating surface 1 m2 2.5 m2 5 m2 10 m2
Maximum heating
82 °C 82 °C 82 °C 82 °C
Protection against
environmental impacts: 
IP67 IP67 IP67


*The maximum heating temperature is the surface temperature of the product under normal conditions and constantly turned on status.

Computherm - Electric heating mat - COMPUTHERM HM150 - Quantrax Kft.
Computherm - Electric heating mat with box - COMPUTHERM HM150 - Quantrax Kft.

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